Early Style Concepts.   We developed a number of concepts for the game before it became a story about helping an alligator shower.
  Early Development.   Once we had the idea of an alligator who needed water for a shower, I worked on concepts for what his world could look like. Sewers, alligators and dirt are really unappealing things.  The challenge was to represent this world in a playful way, I started by designing the dirt like it was cookie dough or layers of cake.  (right)
  Mechanic Concepts   (  Dirty Water  - left ,  Algae -right  )  Once we had a general visual direction, I focused on what the various mechanics could look like. When designing for mobile platforms I restrict myself to the screen dimensions of common phones. This forces me to think about the readability of each design.
  Swampy's Design Evolution   The design of Swampy was truly a team effort, about  4 artists contributed designs. One of our Art Directors, Joe Vance, kicked the process off with his exploration.  Mike Kunkel ultimately produced the design we all rallied behind.  It was my task to finalize his design and synch it with the gameplay look and feel.  I created his color scheme and refined the design to give him more of a soft appealing cuteness to match his naive personality.
  Swampy's Rubber Ducky.   A common mobile game troupe is the collection of "stars" that denote your degrees of success for each level.  We wanted our world to feel more cohesive so we decided to theme are "stars" as shower items, settling on just rubber ducks. This gave us an opportunity to create a pet/companion for Swampy in the larger narrative as well.    I designed the duck and as the player progresses through the game they get to see him dressed up in various outfits.  The duck designed was also riffed on for the "Cranky" duck ( who likes dirty water) and the "Steam" duck ( who is filled with steam).
 Swampy's story was told through illustrations that preceded each level. Their format was long and the game camera would pan over them.  They had to be designed to have areas of focus that would read in the portrait orientation of a phone.
  Swampy leads the alligator gang on many "human-like" adventures.     The process for creating a story moment would begin with a team brainstorm.  Then the talented layout and storyboard artist Shane Zalvin would illustrate the scene.
 Once the composition was finished I would digitally ink all the line work.  I would separate the background and foreground onto different layers.
  Final Color   Once the inks were in place we would add color and texture to the image. With a busy image like this I would give the background a slight blur to make sure the characters stood out better.  I developed this process and painted most of the original story moments.  I then taught the process to artists as they joined the team so they could carry on this work. 
  Gameplay Assets   I designed the visual style of the game and most of the first round assets.   
 My work on the game also included designing the final logo and various promo images for the game. Like the one above.
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