Early Concepts
Dodo Concepts
Character Refinement
Getting Closer
Final Character
Environment Design
 However that approach made the world feel a little off, so we then went for a more natural approach (  left ).  That also didn't feel quite right either.  We were trying to create an organic space in a composition that was specifically laid out by a designer.   So we changed our approach and represented each "jar" as a structure made of loose stones implying that it was also specifically designed, but in the narrative world of the game.  This worked well, and the more neutral color of the stones brought more focus to what was important, our colorful gumballs 
Gameplay Screenshots
Intro Cinematic
 One day crash discovers by accident that he can blow a huge gum balloon that lifts him off the ground.  He is then able to do what he has always!
 However a huge gust of wind carries him far away to another island.  In the game it is the players mission to help him collect more gumballs so he can get home.      See the full cinematic  
 This game also continued my tradition of designing the logos for our original IP.
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