Savory Salutations  Poster Art for the first level pack.  Accepted into the 2010 "Into the Pixel" Art show
 Each Pack of levels featured a new poster highlighting the new mechanics or location introduced(depending on which made a stronger image. The above image was for a bonus level where the goal was to grab as many pies as possible.
 The above poster was for a series of levels that took place in the sewers of Winterbottom's city. The  inspiration behind their designs were vintage cabaret posters, Russian Avant-garde film posters, Saul Bass.
  Winterbottoms Redesign   The game began as a college project spearheaded by the co founders of the studio "The Odd Gentlemen". My first job on the game was to redesign the main character so he had a more polished look for a premium game.    
  Supporting Characters   I designed a number of other characters for the game. They didn't make it into the final levels, but they were used in the illustrated story moments between levels.   
 The story of P.B. Winterbottom was told between levels with these illustrations.  A clever poem was superimposed of these drawings that described winterbottoms exploits. When all was said and done I produced over 60 of these drawings.  I also designed the main logo, as well as the logo for the company.
  The mischievous pie thief will stop at nothing in the pursuit of pie.
  P.B. messes with the the wrong pie, who curses him to be unstuck in time.
  City Concept
  City 2D/3D concepts   Working with the 3D team I developed the process we would use to create the backgrounds in the game.  We would model out various buildings, then instead of texturing them we would bring them into photoshop and paint texture and lighting.  This allowed us to get the German Expressionist look we were going for.
  Clocktower Design
  Clocktower Painting
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